About Us

Welcome to The Woolen Rabbit


 I started The Woolen Rabbit about 15 years ago with one little angora rabbit and a spinning wheel.

  If you know rabbits, they tend to multiply and soon I had a small herd that gave me the most wonderful fiber to blend with soft wools.  Bringing color to those merino/angora blends is what introduced me to the world of dyeing and I haven't looked back since.

 As the business grew, it was harder to keep up with the rabbits, so I no have the sweet little bunnies all these years later.

 I have since branched out to predominately dyeing yarn bases, although I still enjoy working with luxury fibers as well when I have the time.

 I work hard here to find quality yarn bases that I would want to knit with.  It is important to me that the yarns that I produce are yarns that make knitting enjoyable for my customers.


Sit down and pour a cup of tea and browse through our different yarns and fibers, along with our handmade soaps, hand~cream and bags.

 I hope that you enjoy our website and I look forward to meeting you at the various shows that I do!

~  Happy Knitting!!!