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The Woolen Rabbit

Unique Yarns for Discerning Knitters

Storytelling through yarn

 I have been hand-dyeing yarn since 2005 and have always found that my best inspirations were found right in my back yard here in the Mountains, Lakes and Beaches of New Hampshire.  Nature has a lot of stories to share if we take the time to listen.

I dye yarn in small batches to make sure that the quality of the color is something that I would want to's important to me knowing that you will smile when you knit with my yarn.

Inspired By Nature

Here in the White Mountains of Northern New Hampshire the colors of the seasons can be vibrant both in the lush green summers and the brilliant autumn that we are gifted to enjoy.
We move on to the quiet season of late Autumn where the beautiful soft neutral shades of brown then melt into the stark grey and whites of winter.

The shores of New Hampshire and Maine are also amazingly beautiful with their soft blues and greens.  The neutral sandy beaches surrounded by the gray and brown rocky shorelines bring so much subtle inspiration