Tale of Two Swatches....

I am sampling a new yarn that I will be carrying in the shop soon.  So far I really love the fabric that it creates.  I am knitting the Curlew sweater designed by Amy Herzog and it will be a sample for the Make Love Knit retreat in September.  
This is going to be Amy's last retreat, so I am very happy to be a part of a wonderful weekend of learning and knitting.
This yarn is a blend of merino, silk and alpaca and I can tell it will have beautiful drape.
I previously carried a similar blend but I found it too soft and with a higher alpaca content I found that for me, it was a little scratchy.  I have such a hard time with any itch factor in yarn, which is good and bad.  Good because I can help others avoid it if it bothers them, but bad because it eliminates so many lovely yarns for me.
The good news is this doesn't cause me any itch and while it is soft, it's not soft enough to get many pills.
I'm looking forward to getting a bunch of it dyed up soon and would love to hear what your favorite colors are, so drop me a note.