Saturday's Thoughts..

Kicking a pebble by the side of the road,
Watching it tumble pell-mell.
Chance and randomness become order.
Deng Ming~Dao

Ok, so it's clear that I flunked the November daily blogging..LOL.
 It's ok though because it has really put me back in the mindset of blogging and staying in touch with some of my favorite people.
So, how are you guys all feeling with social media these days?  Me? I find that I get completely overwhelmed with it lately and have been avoiding it more and more, especially with all of the politics on FB and all of the endless advertising on Instagram.
The sad part about avoiding it though is I do miss seeing what my friends and family are doing until sometimes days later when it might appear on my feed.
It used to be so easy to keep up with people, but not so much any longer.

So I have found that occupying my time with knitting has been an enjoyable break both from the brain drain on learning a new job and social media.
This sock I am knitting is a modified version of the original Honey Bee Dance sock by Helen Stewart.
I love the full lace version as well and may knit another pair down the road, but I find that I find a fully knit foot a bit more comfortable to wear in a shoe sometimes.
The yarn is Harmony in Rustic Rose.

I have also been working on the beautiful Elorie Sweater by Elizabeth Doherty.
I LOVE this hot chocolate colored brown!  I have been a little more dedicated lately to this knit because I am looking forward to wearing it before the winter is over. (yes, I am a slow knitter..)

Elizabeth's designs are always such a treat to knit.  Her design thought process is just so different than more traditional patterns.  Sometimes it can be a bit challenging to think outside of the box, but her instructions are always top notch which makes the challenge that much more fun.  Love it!

This yarn is WW Kashmir in Truffle.

How are you spending Saturday in your corner of the world?