Airy in this picture was the yarn that I originally chose as a cover for my website.  It didn't play well with the mobile view so I changed it, but I love this yarn!

You will see that I have a new website and I will be maintaining a professional blog there and a personal one here because I don't want to let this one go after all of these many years of blogging. However the large volume of pictures on this blog really slows a  professional website down.
 Every now and then you will see the same post here and there though, just sayin'. :)
Back in 2013 (I am gobsmacked that it has been 6 years already!), Elizabeth Doherty reached out and asked if I would meet her for lunch to discuss yarns and design.  We met at a Panara Restaurant in Portland Maine and quickly became friends!  I sent her some yarn for the design she was thinking about and this beautiful sweater, Grass River is the result.  
I love it and I really enjoy the way Elizabeth designs.  It is very different from the traditional methods and back then it was VERY different. Her sweaters are always so well fitting.  Many of my favorite sweaters are her designs.
(Below is Archer)
Earlier this past fall, I vended at Amy Herzog's last "Make, Wear, Love, retreat and I brought a lot of this yarn with me because it is one of my favorite sweater yarns and it was a sweater retreat. 
I always send a hefty amount of this yarn to Elizabeth for "Stitches West" and it always sells well because of Elizabeth's samples, but at the retreat, I quickly sold out of my DK weight yarn but people were hesitant to use this yarn for a sweater and I understand why.

Airy is a single ply yarn that is energized, so you fear that the sweater will twist in a directional way once it has been soaked and blocked.  I won't lie, I was a bit hesitant to use this yarn for a sweater for just the same reason.  
Knitting a sweater is a lot of work and when the yarn doesn't behave it's a lesson in frustration right?

I knit this Marklee sweater with Airy back in 2017 and it is a sweater that I wear ALL.THE.TIME.  It has never pilled and it has never twisted.  It's a Superwash yarn and even though I recommend on my tags to air dry it, myself, I always toss it in the dryer.
It is still one of the sweaters that I grab when I am looking to be comfortable.  Light in weight and such a comfortable design.

I have sweater quantities in my shop available now.